How Many Ford 2N Tractors were Made

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Around 55,000 Ford 2N tractors were manufactured, making them a popular choice among farmers. These durable machines continue to be sought after for their reliability and performance.

When Henry Ford introduced the Ford 2N tractor in the late 1940s, it quickly became a staple on American farms. The Ford 2N was known for its simple design, ease of use, and affordability, making it accessible to many farmers.

With its reliable engine and sturdy construction, the Ford 2N tractor could handle a variety of tasks, from plowing fields to hauling loads. Today, collectors and enthusiasts cherish these iconic machines for their historical significance and lasting quality. Whether used for work or display, the Ford 2N tractor remains a beloved piece of agricultural history.

How Many Ford 2N Tractors were Made


Estimates Of Total Production

The total production of Ford 2N tractors is estimated to be around 126,000 units. The production figures varied by year, but it is believed that approximately 80,000 tractors were manufactured between 1942 and 1947. The production was determined by serial numbers, and it is estimated that around 20,500 units were built in 1942, followed by an additional 23,000 in 1943. The production continued to rise, reaching over 33,000 units in 1944, and peaking at approximately 46,000 units in 1945. Although more detailed records are unavailable, it is believed that the production rapidly declined from 1945 to 1947, with an estimated 12,000 units being manufactured in 1947. By serial number, production data suggests that the last 2N tractor was built in 1947, making it among the most iconic and widely produced models in Ford’s history.


How Many Ford 2N Tractors were Made


Frequently Asked Questions For How Many Ford 2n Tractors Were Made

How Many Ford 2n Tractors Were Produced?

Around 170,000 Ford 2N tractors were manufactured. These tractors were produced by Ford Motor Company from 1942 to 1947 as part of their line of agricultural tractors.

What Was The Role Of Ford 2n In Farming?

The Ford 2N tractor played a crucial role in revolutionizing farming practices. It was a reliable workhorse that helped farmers increase productivity by providing power for various tasks like plowing, planting, and harvesting.

What Were The Key Features Of Ford 2n Tractors?

The Ford 2N tractor boasted several impressive features, including a 4-speed transmission, Ferguson hydraulic system, PTO (power take-off), and a strong engine. These features made the tractor versatile and allowed it to handle a wide range of farming tasks efficiently.

Can Ford 2n Tractors Still Be Found Today?

Yes, Ford 2N tractors can still be found today, though they are considered vintage machinery. Many tractor enthusiasts and collectors cherish these tractors, and some may even still be in use on small farms or used for nostalgic purposes.


The Ford 2N tractors played a pivotal role in agricultural history. With an estimated production of over 270,000 units, these tractors revolutionized farming methods and propelled the industry forward. Their durability and reliability continue to resonate with collectors and enthusiasts, ensuring their timeless significance in the farming community.

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