How to Release Electronic Parking Brake

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To release the electronic parking brake, press the brake pedal and engage the release button. Releasing the electronic parking brake is a simple process that involves pressing the brake pedal and engaging the release button.

Electronic parking brakes are becoming increasingly common in modern vehicles, providing convenience and safety features. Releasing the electronic parking brake properly is important to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle. Understanding the steps to release the electronic parking brake will help drivers navigate various driving scenarios and park securely.

By following the guidelines provided by the vehicle manufacturer, drivers can release the electronic parking brake effectively and confidently. This article will explore the proper procedure for releasing the electronic parking brake and offer tips for smooth operation.

Manual Release Method

To release the electronic parking brake manually, locate the release lever or button near the handbrake. Press or pull this lever while simultaneously depressing the brake pedal to disengage the parking mechanism. This method allows you to manually release the parking brake in case of electronic malfunctions.

Manual Release Method
Pulling the Emergency Release Handle
When dealing with an electronic parking brake, locate the emergency release handle.
Make sure the vehicle is on a level surface before performing the release process.
Pull the emergency release handle firmly and steadily to disengage the parking brake.
If the handle is difficult to pull, seek assistance from a professional mechanic immediately.
How to Release Electronic Parking Brake


Automatic Release Method

Automatic Release Method: To release the electronic parking brake automatically, start the vehicle and ensure the brake pedal is pressed. This action will disengage the parking brake button, allowing the brake to release.

Common Problems And Troubleshooting

When releasing the electronic parking brake, it is important to address few common problems. One of the common issues is a faulty brake actuator. This can cause the brake to not release properly. Low battery voltage may also lead to difficulty in releasing the electronic parking brake. It is essential to ensure the battery is at an optimal level. Electronic malfunctions can occur, preventing the release of the parking brake. Troubleshooting these issues is necessary to ensure the proper functionality of the electronic parking brake.


How to Release Electronic Parking Brake


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Release Electronic Parking Brake

How Do You Disengage An Electric Parking Brake?

To disengage an electric parking brake, locate the parking brake control, usually a button or lever, inside the vehicle. Press or pull the control to release the brake. Always consult your vehicle’s manual for specific instructions.

Why Will My Electronic Parking Brake Not Release?

Electronic parking brakes may fail to release due to a variety of reasons, such as mechanical faults, insufficient power supply, or electronic malfunctions. It’s important to seek assistance from a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue accurately.

How Do You Reset An Electronic Parking Brake?

To reset an electronic parking brake, switch off the vehicle, press the brake pedal, and hold the reset button for a few seconds.

Do Electronic Parking Brakes Automatically Disengage?

Yes, electronic parking brakes automatically disengage when the vehicle is put in gear.


Releasing the electronic parking brake is essential for safe driving and vehicle maintenance. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily and confidently disengage the brake whenever necessary. Remember, proper use of the parking brake ensures smooth operation of your vehicle.

Master this skill for a hassle-free driving experience.

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