How to Silence Squeaky Converse: Expert Tips

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To stop your Converse from squeaking, you can apply baby powder or silicone spray to the inside of the shoe. This will reduce friction and eliminate the squeaking sound.

Converse sneakers are known for their iconic style and comfort, but a common issue that many wearers face is the annoying squeaking noise that can occur when walking in them. This squeaking sound is caused by friction between the different parts of the shoe, such as the insole and the outsole.

Luckily, there are simple solutions that can help eliminate the squeaking and restore the peace and quiet to your Converse sneakers. By following these easy steps, you can enjoy your Converse without any unwanted noise.

How to Silence Squeaky Converse: Expert Tips


Understanding The Causes Of Squeaky Converse Shoes

Understanding the Causes of Squeaky Converse Shoes

Shoes equipped with metal eyelets can be one of the reasons behind the annoying squeaking sound. When the laces rub against the metal, it creates friction and produces noise. Another cause can be the friction between the rubber outsole and insole. Over time, these two components can generate squeaky sounds as they rub against each other while walking. Loose shoe components, such as the tongue or insole, can also contribute to the problem. When these parts move against each other or the shoe structure, they can produce squeaks.

Simple Fixes For Silencing Squeaks

Simple Fixes for Silencing Squeaks

Tighten the eyelets for a snug fit. Ensure your Converse shoes are securely laced up with the eyelets tightly fastened. This will minimize any movement that can cause squeaking sounds.

Apply talcum powder to reduce friction. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the insoles of your Converse shoes. The powder helps to absorb moisture and reduce friction between the shoe components, thereby decreasing squeaking noises.

Lubricate the shoe components with silicone spray. Apply a small amount of silicone spray on the squeaky areas of your Converse shoes. This will help to lubricate the shoe components and eliminate any friction that may be causing the squeaking sound.

Advanced Techniques For Long-Lasting Silence

Replacing the metal eyelets with plastic ones can be an effective technique to address the squeaking issue in your Converse shoes. Plastic eyelets reduce friction and minimize noise generation. Another method to consider is inserting orthopedic felt pads within your shoes, as they offer both cushioning and noise reduction. These pads absorb the vibrations that cause squeaking, resulting in a more comfortable and quieter walking experience. However, if the squeak persists despite these efforts, it may be time to seek professional repair. A shoe repair specialist can diagnose and fix any underlying issues that are causing the squeaking. By following these advanced techniques and seeking expert assistance when necessary, you can ensure long-lasting silence from your Converse shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Stop My Converse Squeaking

Why Do My Converse Shoes Squeak?

Converse shoes may squeak due to moisture, worn-out insoles, or friction between the shoe components. Moisture can cause the rubber sole to stick to the floor, resulting in a squeaky sound. Worn-out insoles can also create noise when they rub against the shoe upper.

Friction between different shoe components can also lead to squeaks.

How Can I Prevent My Converse Shoes From Squeaking?

To prevent Converse shoes from squeaking, try applying baby powder or talcum powder on the insoles to reduce moisture and friction. You can also insert new insoles or use silicone lubricant on the shoe’s squeaky parts to eliminate noise. Avoid wearing them in wet conditions and ensure the laces are not too tight to reduce friction.

Can I Fix Squeaky Converse Shoes Myself?

Yes, you can fix squeaky Converse shoes yourself. Start by identifying the source of the noise, which could be the insoles, sole, or other shoe components. Apply baby powder or talcum powder to reduce moisture and friction. If the insoles are worn-out, replace them.

For squeaky soles, you can use silicone lubricant or insert a tissue paper between the sole and insole for temporary relief.


To conclude, these simple tricks and maintenance tips can help you put an end to the annoying squeak in your Converse shoes. By ensuring that your laces are securely tied, adding cushioning insoles, and applying a light amount of oil or talcum powder, you can enjoy a squeak-free walking experience.

Don’t let the squeaking distract you from your daily activities; instead, follow these steps and silence those shoes for good.

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